Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jerry's Art A Rama Austin Student Photography Exhibit

Jerry’s Art A Rama Austin Presents
Pflugerville ISD 
Westview Middle School 
Photography Exhibit and Sale

Jerry’s Art A Rama Austin 
6010 N IH35 Austin, TX 78752 (512) 420-9359

Opening Reception
Sunday, May 1st, 2016 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Pizza, Cookies, and Juice will be served
All Photographs will be for sale for $10. Proceeds go
directly to student photographer.
Exhibit Dates 4/29/16 -5/8/16

Cameras were generously donated from a Digital Arts Initiative grant won from the Pflugerville Education Foundation.

Artists featured: Grace Linney, Autumn McKinney, Jewel Gonzales, Sorinha Kat Bankston, Amaya Reyes, Noor Salih, Kamaria Jones, Yazmine Norphlet, Selena Vrabel, Briana Brittain, Stephanie Lovelace and more!
Many thanks also to Brittany Stracke, Manager of Jerry’s Art A Rama Austin.https://www.facebook.com/events/1592273724422305/

Great success! Several students sold artwork at the exhibit, fellow teachers came out to support them, and families attended as well!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Summer Schedule: Laguna Gloria Art School and Private Lessons/Art Camps

I am looking forward to teaching yet another summer at the Art School at Laguna Gloria. I am especially excited that my two class proposals were accepted as new course offerings: Art and Puppet and Pop Up Darkroom!

Interested in private lessons or mini Art Summer camp?

Here are the links below with more information to register your kids for classes at Laguna Gloria.

Outer Space Art (ages 6-8) 7/5/16-7/8/16
1–4P // Monday—Friday // Create playful and dramatic out-of-this-world art from another universe by drawing, painting, and sculpting aliens, robots, and other imaginary life-forms. Paint life-sized creatures and robot self-portraits while learning the skills to use acrylic paint.

Pop Up Darkroom (ages 12-14) 6/20/16 - 6/24/16
8:45–11:45A // Monday—Friday // Learn nontraditional photography without using a camera in this class packed full of projects and experimentation! Create a pop-up darkroom to explore the science and art of mixing chemicals and developing photos without using an enlarger. Create unique, one-of-a-kind ray-o-graph prints by laying objects on top of photographic paper, build pinhole cameras, develop the photos taken with them, and explore nature photography with 
cyanotypes and sun-print paper


Art and Puppets (ages 6-8) 6/20/16 - 6/24/16
12:45–3:45P // Monday—Friday // Explore the history of puppetry from ancient times to the present day! Make your own unique puppets while learning different puppet-making techniques and types such as finger puppets, hand puppets, and papier-mâché marionettes. A final exhibition will include a puppet show for students and their families!


Beyond Basic Drawing (ages 9-11) 7/18/16 - 7/22/16
9A–12P // Monday—Friday // Take your drawing to the next level! Venture into real and imaginary worlds with the stroke of a marker, a piece of charcoal, and pastels while learning more advanced design and drawing skills. Expand your use of different artistic styles as you draw self-portraits, nature, and still-life environments.

Drawing Basics and Beyond( ages 6-8) 7/18/16 - 7/22/16
1–4P // Monday—Friday // Venture into real and imaginary worlds with the stroke of a marker, the rub of charcoal, and the glide of pastels while learning basic design and drawing skills. Identify and apply different artistic styles and expand your skills as you draw self-portraits, nature, and still life


 All ages. Catered to your interests: drawing, painting, sculpture, watercolor, DIY photography, printmaking, and more!
2 hour minimum session not including set up and clean up time (about 30 minutes total)
Tuition: $50/ per session
Supply Fee: varies depending on what materials you would like. $25-100.
Location: Varies-I can come to you or vice versa ( must be cat friendly)

Schedule and location, number of students, can be adjustable based on interest. I can easily adapt lessons based on age and welcome student centered learning in lesson plans offered. Must be cat friendly-my cats love kids! Location: Varies-I can come to you or vice versa ( must be cat friendly)

Half Day Camps. Ages 4-18
9 am to 12 pm.
1 pm to 4 pm
Please send your child with a healthy snack and water as we usually take a 20 minute break.
Tuition (comparable with Dougherty Arts and Laguna Gloria Art School) $180 with additional $20 supply fee. (Some supplies will go home with students as available)

Full Day Camp, ages 4-18
9 am to 4 pm
Please send your child with 1-2 healthy snacks, lunch, and water as we will take snack and lunch breaks.
Tuition (comparable with Dougherty Arts and Laguna Gloria Art School) $350 with additional $40 supply fee (Some supplies will go home with students as available)

Babysitting $15/hour: Ongoing dates beginning now!
I have experience from preschool to high school and ok with toddlers who aren't yet potty trained too.

For more information, examples of professional and student work, and CV/Resume, and artwork and you may visit:


Artwork and products for Sale. I take commisions in a variety of media!

Donations always welcome via paypal
My email is ms.jennie.gray@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Where I'm From Poem Revisited

Student poetry inspired by the "Where I'm From" poem by George Ella Lyon

I love teaching this lesson and always learn so much about my students when I teach it.

I am from books
And from hot combs and curl creams
I am from green walls, vanilla candles
I am from the sand
I am from the huge evergreen, 
I am from making chicken wings and coke for Santa and Taylor Swift
From Officer Campbell and Ora Lee Thompson
I am from knocking on wood and praying
And from eating together
I am from no disrespect and eating my veggies
And from kumbaya my lord
I am from Sunday dinners
I am from Texas and Ireland
Chocolate pies and southern-fried chicken
From a tragic relationship
Someone I never got to meet 
I am from missing teeth in the tub and being worried I'll never find it

8th grader

I am from ovens
From cooking and creativity
I am from warm feelings of
My family.
I am from the grass
The small tree that grows flowers in the spring and peaches in the fall
I’m from holidays and opening one present on Christmas Eve
From my Mom and my sister.
I’m from helping and giving
And from listening.
 I’m from not worrying and not listening to mean people
And from wise mistakes are best mistakes
I’m from eating junk food on Friday
I’m from Texas and Croatia
Tomatoes and peppers
From parents winning a lottery
To win a free green card
Who came to Texas and they
Kept the Green Card as a memory.
I am from if my parents never won the green card, then I wouldn’t be here.

 7th grader

I am from our wood floors
From pictures and TV’s
I am from the bricks stacked up high
With big trees
I am from the blue bonnets
The pomegranate tree whose long gone limbs I remember
as if the were my own.
I’m from baking cookies and crawfish boils
From Mom and Dad
I’m from loving and behavior
And from a smart family
I’m from go outside and play and clean your room
And life’s a game meant for everyone
I’m from baking with my family
I’m from Texas and Irish
Homemade meal and take out.
From Cancer
To sadly death
Pictures are the best memories
On the shelves.

 7th grader

I am from our kitchen table
From stepping stones and wish bones
I am from the green place that I will call home
With fresh mowed grass littered everywhere
I am from the backyard that I roam in
The oak that branches off in every direction

I’m from hugs and road trips far away
From Mom and Dad
I’m from running and walking
And loving

I’m from facts and falses
And nothing more
I’m from life
I’m from Texas and Texas some more
Shrimp and spices
From the sailor dog
Traveling far away
The beach that feels like home
Miles and miles
From here

-7th grader

I am from PlayStation 2
From books and food
I am from the apartment
And it smells like bacon
I am from the apple
The big tree

I am from Easter egg hunting and curly hair
From My mom and Dad
I’m from arguing and cheating
And eating.

I’m from there’s boogy man and listen and learn
And my ABC’s
I’m from family reunions
I’m from California and the country
Chicken and tater sauce
From baby pictures and drawings on the wall

-7th grader

I am from TV
From my room and Mom’s room
I am from the crib
Smells like candy
I’m from my birthday and party
And New Year’s and Christmas
I’m from biting my nails and snoring
And from fighting
I’m from Be Good and Mind My Business
And get er done
I’m from Easter
I’m from Hillcrest and Waco
Pizza and nachos
From turn up
Tall, long hair
Big diamonds
In my heart.
- 8th grader

I am from my bed
From pillows and blankets
I am from the orange little house
With the smell of strawberry
I am from the dandelion
The roses

I’m from brown hair and long hair
From Mom and Dad
I’m from laughing and being silly
And from great smiles

I’m from no spitting and not much candy
And a girl on fire.
I’m from doing all holidays
I’m from Laredo and a park
Burgers and pizza.
From a car crash and my brother
Old coins
In my heart
- 7th grader

I am from my phone
From video games and YouTube.
I am from the brand new smell
And cold floors
I am from thru roses and tulips
The pecan tree
I’m from family reunions and quinceaneras
From siblings and grandparents
I’m from laughing and having fun
And from joking around.

I’m from brushing my teeth and pee before you sleep
And the saying “Don’t take anything for granted.”
I’m from making homemade tamales
I’m from Waco, TX and El Paso, TX
Tacos and menudo
From reading stories and articles about how my Mom
Passed away
My mom got in an all terrain vehicle accident
Laguna Beach
I am from in a picture frame
In my phone, in a dusty Nike box under my bed, and
Also in a book.
- 8th grader

I am from the mirror
From the light and the dark
I am from the door
Fresh flowers
The yellow flower
I’m from Christmas and Halloween
From the good and the bad
I’m from the veggies and the snack
And from the fruit.
I’m from sleeping and playing
And clean
I’m from plane and the wind
Falafel and dolmas
From hurt
The heat in my heart
In me in my
 - 8th grader

I am from my little fridge
And watermelon and strawberry
I am from the ghetto hood
That smells like Asian food
I am from the thorn plant
The big long tree
I’m from picture and celebrating
From Dad and Mom.
I’m from chores and celebrate and partying.
I’m from Asian kid and education
To be respectful
I’m from eating rice
I’m from American and church
Rice and ramen
From my cousin Peter died
Peter was really cool
Family pictures really nice
In my heart
And on the wall.
- 8th grader

I am from a computer
From tables and chairs
I am from the three front windows
And the brown bricks
I am from the rose
The grass
I’m from prayers and small eyes
From Mom and Dad
I’m from forgetting and hard working
And from waking up early.
I’m from education and morality
And never give up
I’m from the Festival of Lights
I’m from Nepal and Texas
Rice and noodles
From jumping out a window
And falling in debris
Nepal paintings
On the walls
I am from a place called home.
- 8th grader

I am from toilet paper
From plunger and whoopee cushion
I am from the fun time kingdom
Cozy and crazy feel
I am from the tickle me plant
I’m from jokes and water balloon fights
From funny parents and siblings
I’m from pranking and laughing

I’m from pee before bed and monster at night
And rock a bye baby
I’m from playing around
I’m from Austin and Hispanic
Steak and rice
From funny and me and my dad spending time together
In my heart.
- 8th grader

I am so grateful to my dear friend and fellow Teaching Artist who introduced me to it. Click links below to see the films and animated versions she created with her students.