Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ney Day! Celebrating Women in Arts, Sciences, and Civic Culture

I am excited to be participating again this year in the Elisabet Ney Museum's Ney Day Celebration!
I will be hosting a make and take printmaking booth where visitors will get to create their own styrofoam print. Many other vendors, arts activities, culture, and music will be there at this free family friendly event.

The NEW date for the FIFTH ANNUAL NEY DAY! is Saturday June 10, noon to 5PM
Plan to join us on June 10 to celebrate Elisabet Ney and her inspirational legacy with us! 
• Live music from Las Tesoros de San Antonio, The Jones Family Singers, Riders Against The Storm and Ruby Fray! Elizabeth McQueen is our official MC!
• Booths from a wide variety of arts and social groups will be present, hopefully including Women's Community Center of Central Texas, Girls Rock Austin, Girls Empowerment Network, Austin School of Film, Asian American Resource Center - City of Austin, Bookwoman, Texas Book Festival, George Washington Carver Museum, Cultural and Genealogy Center Center, Bibliographia, FRC Team 2881 - The Lady Cans, Dougherty Arts Center, and many more!
• We will alho have food! mmmpanadas, Amy's Ice Creams, Jim-Jim's Water-Ice and more!
• We will also host the public opening of TWO new temporary outdoor sculptures! One is by Renee Nunez, the other by Jieun Beth Kim, Christina Coleman, and Sara Madandar!
• Produced with help from The Austin Parks Foundation, KUTX 98.9, Texas Folklife, Texas Commission on the Arts, Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin, and Big Medium. We’re also a featured site for the West Austin Studio Tour!
• Please plan to use alternative transportation options!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Middle School Photography: Shadows and Light

During our photography unit this Spring, students enjoyed working in teams. Another popular theme that organically shows up in their work deals with shadows and light.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Middle School Photography: Friendship

Another common theme that happens organically when we do our Photography unit is friendship. Middle School can be such a turbulent and exciting time as students make the transition from elementary age on to high school. They are finding their voices, navigating their moral compass, and growing so much. Sometimes this growth includes elementary school friends and sometimes new friendships and paths are formed. These photographs speak on the importance of my students' social relationships.

This is my favorite one. They are usually pretty goofy and it cracks me up to see them so intense.