Thursday, May 22, 2014

Campus Improvement Plan: Community Murals and No Place for Hate

As part of our  campus improvement plan, my advanced art students have been busy working in teams to create community murals to help beautify and provide inspiration and motivation across our campus. We are also working on getting our school designated an official No Place For Hate campus and creating a mural to help promote anti-bias and diversity education. We hope our mural will live on for years to come and let students know that our school respects diversity where every student feels valued and safe.

Keeping Traditional Photography Alive

This year, my students were continually fascinated by some old cameras I have around the room and it sparked conversations about traditional photography, darkrooms, and experimental photography. With the help of our afterschool coordinator and Precision Camera, we were able to bring traditional photography into our school for the first time!

We studied the work of artist and photographer Man Ray and his rayographs also known as photograms. Students selected their own objects to lay on top of photo paper and we developed them in a darkroom the students helped create. When the light on our enlarger broke, students came up with the idea of using a flashlight app on their phones. After some trial and error, we finally figured out the timing and produced some great prints!

Another student who took great interest in using a manual camera, took a roll of 400 ASA black and white film. She used my Minolta XD-11 1970's camera with a Tokina lense. We had a contact sheet printed and negatives developed by Precision Camera as well and two of her prints won medals at the Junior Visual Art Scholastic Event earlier this month!

I hope I can continue this project next year and for years to come!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Success at the Junior Visual Art Scholastic Event!

There are so many things and stories I could share about all the hard work, patience, effort, creativity, problem solving, and hours spent that went into today's event, but I will let the students's voices and experiences speak for themselves.

I am so grateful for my students, the support of their families, and to my lovely and talented art teaching co-hort, without whom, this would not have been nearly so successful nor as much fun!

I’ve had so much fun here at competition and it’s been a blast. It’s my first time doing this, but it’s been an amazing experience. I’m glad I’ve had this wonderful opportunity. Art is one of my favorite things to do on my free time. I could draw all day long.
Ashley G., 8th grader

It’s a lot of fun, but when you are talking to the judges it’s kind of creepy and weird and it gives you bad, bad, bad tummy aches. It did. Don’t’ ever bring a white shirt to a JUNIOR VASE or pastel class because then it turns into a rainbow shirt.
Yasmin, 7th grader

I would say it was a good experience to be able to try for the first time. It’s a lot of work and it’s a big process, but at the end it is a lot of fun. It’s worth doing all the work.
Vanessa, 7th

Today was a really challenging day. The competition was tough. A few of our friends did not place though I am excited for them. I will try my best.
Aaron, 7th grade

Today was one of the best days of the school year. It was so much fun doing to be doing art and to be doing it with my friends supporting me. GO ART! It made me nervous talking to the judges, but was worth it in the end when I made a 4 and got to celebrate my achievement with my friends (And the Harlem Shake video was fun)
Becky 8th grader

I had a great time today. I was so nervous, and my friend, Justice wasn’t helping. Before I was interviewed she said, “ Try not to barf on the judge!” Luckily I didn’t and I nailed the interview. I can’t wait until next year.
Kat 7th Grader

I had a terrific day today. I spent valuable time on my project for the art contest but I did not place any awards, but that is okay because now I know what I’m up against next year for high school. I was so excited to actually go to a district contest. I had so much fun.
Destiny w.  8th Grade    
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